Main Channel Procedure [2020]

Important: the studio is responsible for audio and video throughout the entire broadcast of the talk!

Here's what viewers of one of the main channels will see:

  1. Herald appears and introduces the speakers and the talk, and hands over to speakers
  2. Speakers appear (live on stage or remote, or from a pre-recorded talk)
  3. Herald reappears and leads through Q&A with the speakers
  4. Herald winds up the time slot

The length of the slot in the schedule Fahrplan (40 or 60 minutes) is inclusive of all of the above.

  • 30 minutes before the scheduled time: Herald and Speakers contact the studio and join the (Jitsi/Kevin/Ninja) session. This might be shorter depending on previous engagements (Herald for example).
    • All other angels (signal angel, av & camera angels) should be present as well, to make sure everything is working correctly.
  • 15 minutes before the scheduled time: studio checks in with Master Control Room and Line Producers in Mumble (see below), and starts their stream
    • The studio can stream continuously, but should start streaming no later than 15 minutes before if the stream had been stopped
    • MCR and studio test out latency, so MCR can do a proper countdown at the beginning
  • About 30 seconds before the scheduled time: MCR starts countdown
    • At 0, studio director/video editor gives signal to Herald to start
  • MCR puts studio on air, so that the Herald starts with about 5-10 seconds after appearing on air
  • From this point onwards, the studio is in full control and has responsibility to deliver the talk.
    • If there are technical problems, for example, the speaker cannot be seen or heard anymore, the studio should try to get the speaker back; the herald can explain the situation
    • If there are problems that cannot be solved in a minute or two, or the studio stops sending video and audio, the MCR will start a backup (“we'll be right back” card, or backup herald)
  • At the conclusion of the talk (herald wrapping up), the studio must continue streaming until the MCR gives the all clear. This might take one or two minutes.

If the talk has been pre-recorded, the speakers do not need to join quite as early. But the stuiod still needs to make sure the speakers are all available in time for the Q&A.


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