Streaming website

website to playout the video streams
in production

The side is deployed on (currently a vm on dus).

To add another conference: clone the internal git on your maschine

git clone

1. create a new folder below /configs/conferences

2. copy the following files from the most recent conference and edit it to your needs

  • config.php
  • no longer needed
  • main.less
    • if not main.less is provided, the default-theme will be used
    • if one is provided, it should @import “../../../assets/css/_structure.less”; which will pull in all required basic styles
    • assets (images, fonts) can be placed inside the conference-folder or below it and can be referenced with a relative path (so a logo in /configs/conferences/lala/assets/logo.png can be referenced as url(assets/logo.png) from /configs/conferences/lala/main.less)
      1. commit and push you changes to master
      2. call which will deploy to all lb-servers, clear their caches and fix the file-permissions

      See also:

To highlight the live streams on's start page, you simply create the conference in the admin interface. Of course the acronym has to be exactly same as in the streaming-website. Voctoweb queries the streaming-website API every 10? minutes.

You can add ?forceopen=yess to the stream websiteURL to see all open conferences e.g.

The streaming-website downloads the relive index json file of the active conferences via cronjob.

The thumbnails are generated via crontab of user downloader on each lb-server.

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