Streaming website

website to playout the video streams
in production

The streaming website is deployed on lb.*

To add another conference / mandator: clone the internal git on your machine

git clone

1. first check if the series already has a mandator folder and reuse the existing one – otherwise create a new folder below /configs/conferences/<slug> where the mandator slug normally should not contain any numbers for years, conference numbers, etc. so it can be reused next year without renaming it.

2. copy the following files from the most recent conference and edit it to your needs

  • config.php config.json
  • no longer needed
  • main.less
    • if not main.less is provided, the default-theme will be used
    • if one is provided, it should @import “../../../assets/css/_structure.less”; which will pull in all required basic styles
    • assets (images, fonts) can be placed inside the conference-folder or below it and can be referenced with a relative path (so a logo in /configs/conferences/<slug>/assets/logo.png can be referenced as url(assets/logo.png) from /configs/conferences/<slug>/main.less)
      1. commit and push you changes to master
      2. call which will deploy to all lb-servers, clear their caches and fixes the file-permissions

      See also:

To highlight the live streams on's start page, you simply create the conference in the admin interface. Of course the acronym has to be exactly same as in the streaming-website. Voctoweb queries the streaming-website API every 10? minutes.

You can add ?forceopen=yess to the stream websiteURL to see all open conferences e.g.

The streaming-website downloads the relive index json file of the active conferences via cronjob.

The thumbnails are generated via crontab of user downloader on each lb-server.

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