Deutsche Fassung: Anforderungen

We need help(ers) (/volunteers?) to run our setup in each room, mainly to operate cameras but also to operate the video mixer for switching between camera and slides. The organiser is responsible for making these helpers available. See also Helfereinführung

  • Audio: we need a Mono audio mix per XLR, which we insert into a camera directly.
  • We also own audio equipment (mixer, microphones), which we don't always bring with us. When our equipment is absolutely necessary, clarify this as soon as possible with us.
  • We do not own a PA system, this will have to be provided by the location or rented externally. Please clarify this as early as possible.
  • Slides, projector signal via HDMI preferred, VGA as a backup. 19:9 aspect ratio is required.
  • Projektor/Folien: Projektor-Signal per VGA oder HDMI – bevorzugt in 16:9. Please clarify where we can split the video signal into our system.

Our semi-automated editing platform needs the program/schedule in the schedule.xml format. When you are not using Pretalx, we can import spreadsheet files (CSV, ODS, XSLX, Google Docs, etc) or you can build your own tooling. For more information see Schedule.

As of 2022 you can now also use our own Pretalx intance.

Our system more or less requires access to the Internet. If a firewall is on site, we need free access to the listed ports at various (often changing) addresses on the Internet, unfiltered access is much preferred. Access should also be without a browser based portal.

  • TCP: 22 (SSH), 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS), 6667 (IRC), 6697 (IRC), 1883 (Mosquitto), 8883 (Mosquitto)
  • UDP: 53 (DNS), 1194 (VPN)

When sufficient Upload bandwidth is available we can also offer live streaming. We need at least 3MBit/s per stream/room, 5MBit/s is better.

At events with more than one room we need all presentation rooms and our own office room connected to the same Layer 2 segment (for instance our own VLAN). Each room should have free Ethernet port(s), WiFi is insufficient. In an “emergency” we can run cabling through open windows or under doors etc.

We produce videos in Full HD, meaning 1920x1080p25. This means that we require artwork in these formats:

Intro/Outro-Generator (Requires Python and Inkscape knowledge)

The organiser has to insure our hardware for damages and theft during the event and relevant transportation from/to the event. Since the hardware is relatively expensive (ca. 10kEURO / room) this is usually handled by an event insurance which most organiser will already have. When necessary we can supply relevant serial numbers upon request. See anlieferung_versicherung for more information on this topic.

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