Deutsche Fassung: Anforderungen (probably outdated).

We need help(ers) (/volunteers?) to run our setup in each room, mainly to operate cameras but also to operate the video mixer for switching between camera and slides. The organizer is responsible for making these helpers available. See also Helfereinführung

  • The location must have some sort of PA system. Our audio equipment does use XLR outputs, but we do bring adaptors to be able Cinch (RCA) and 3.5mm Mini-Jack if needed.
  • The location must have some sort of video display. This is usually a projector, but having a large screen also works. Our equipment produces a 1080p (“FullHD”) signal via HDMI or SDI. If your display does not support that, please get in contact with us, we have a stockpile of adaptors which we can bring if needed.

Our semi-automated editing platform needs the program/schedule in schedule.xml format. These file are produced by the usual conference planning solutions (frab, pretalx, …) without needing to configure anything. If you want to use pretalx, but don't have the means to run your own instance, you can use the c3voc pretalx instance or pretalx hosted.

If you don't use any of these tools, we do have some tooling to import spreadsheet files (CSV, ODS, XSLX, Google Docs, …). See Schedule for more details. Of course, building it using your own tools is fine as long as it conforms to the published XSD.

For our systems to work correctly, a wired internet connection is required. We do require IPv4 connectivity, but a NATed connection is fine.

Due to the nature of the infrastructure, we cannot provide you with a list of ip addresses we need to connect to. If your network does have restrictions, please ensure we can reach the whole internet on these ports:

  • TCP: 22 (SSH), 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS), 6667 (IRC), 6697 (IRC), 1883 (Mosquitto), 8883 (Mosquitto)
  • UDP: 53 (DNS), 1194 (VPN), 20000-20255 (VPN)
  • Optional, additionally for Users: TCP 143, 587, 993 (Mail), UDP 13337 (VPN), 60000-60100 (Mosh)

For streaming to work reliably, an uplink bandwidth of atleast 5mbit/s per room is required.

If we do put hardware into more than one room (or if we have a separate office for post-processing), it would be very beneficial to have all the rooms connected to a separate layer 2 segment (separate VLAN is sufficient). We will bring our own router hardware, please do not put a DHCP server in there.

We produce videos in FullHD (1920×1080, 25fps).

You should supply us with the following artwork files:

The organiser has to insure our hardware for damages and theft during the event and relevant transportation from/to the event. Since the hardware is relatively expensive (roughly 16.000EUR per case) this is usually handled by an event insurance which most organizers will already have. When necessary we can supply relevant serial numbers, please get in contact if needed. See anlieferung_versicherung for more information on this topic.

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