HLS Relive

Documentation for the relive system is contained within its git repo mirrored at →

It's currently deployed at live.alb:/home/relive/git/

Login to server

cd git 
screen -dR
  1. Create an appropriate config for your event in live.alb:/home/relive/git/configs
    1. either by using ./ <conference slug>, or
    2. manually: copy cfg.example, look at other files in that directory, or in the old/ subdirectory for inspiration. The filename will be used as the conference name from here on.
  2. After a minute, a cronjob will run and download the schedule, etc. (If you are impatient, you can run /home/relive/git/scripts/ /home/relive/git/scripts/ manually)
  3. Start the scheduler (run as user relive, inside of a screen/tmux session): ./ <conference slug>
  4. In the streaming-website configuration, set RELIVE_JSON to point to<conference slug>/index.json

Note that the index.json file is also only regenerated periodically, so it might be a minute or two before that URL actually works.

When an event in voctoweb has no recordings, voctoweb will try to find the corresponding relive recording. This only works if the conference acronym matches the acronym used in the relive system.

To use this feature, first create the conference in voctoweb and in c3tracker. In theory there are multiple variants, but this one is the one we currently use:

  • is able to create an event in voctoweb, based on the CRS Ticket ID.
  • This script can be called during any state transition, we currently use scheduledrecording of the recording ticket
  • To enable this for you conference, enable the “” worker group which is handled by a modified version of CRS worker script-A living in a screen (user voc).
    • TODO: Create systemd timer for this.

If you need re-create the session, run following commands:

screen -x
cd /opt/crs/tools/tracker3.0

Please read the README in the repository, it is being kept up to date with regard to the general behavior of the relive system.

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