Encoder Cube Operation

This page describes the operation of the our encoder cubes Encoder Cubes.

Important: This page is partly outdated since we switched to voctomix, see Voctomix

The SDI-Script handles the grabbing from the SDI cards and feeds the data to the DV-Switch chain. This is also true if the HD chain is used with an external video mixer. The SDI scrip is configures “/etc/sdi-script/”.

DV Switch

Stop streaming / opt out (recording goes on)

put a nice picture at /opt/voc/share/nostream.png

sudo sdi-script stop saalN-sd-dvswitch
sudo sdi-script start saalN-sd-dvswitch-nostream
start stream again
sudo sdi-script stop saalN-sd-dvswitch-nostream
sudo sdi-script start saalN-sd-dvswitch

HD Chain

Note: The screen session has the same name as the script

streams starten
 sudo sdi-script start slides-ffmpeg
 sudo sdi-script start hd-ffmpeg

lokal testing

 mplayer rtmp://encoder1.lan.c3voc.de:1935/stream/s1_native_sd

remote urls

DV Switch
stop recording
sudo sv stop dvsink
start recording
sudo sv start dvsink
Start recording at 10 am
echo "sudo sv start dvsink" | at 10:00

HD Chain

Note: The screen session has the same name as the script

1080p - Stereo start/stop
 sudo sdi-script start recording-hd-ts-stereo
Start / stop grabber source
 sudo sv start / stop / restart grabbersource

start tracker-scripts

sudo /opt/crs/tools/tracker3.0/start-screenrc-dv.sh

or for the TS chain:

sudo /opt/crs/tools/tracker3.0/start-screenrc-ts.sh

start encoder-scripts

sudo /opt/crs/tools/tracker3.0/start-screenrc-encoding-only.sh


sudo screen -x tracker-scripts

In the screen, you could use ctrl-a, type ':quit' and press return to quit the whole screen at once. Note that process like FFmpeg are not aborted immediately.

Restore FUSE mounts, e.g. after reboot

sudo /opt/crs/tools/tracker3.0/bin/restore-fuse-mounts.sh

Note: this script currently assumes that the mountpoints' target directories already exist.

This usually is not done on the cube, make sure you know what you are doing

Releasing-Script auch noch starten

Ctrl-a c
cd /opt/crs/software/tools/voc-scripts/c3tt-publishing/
while true; do ./script-H-media-ccc-upload.py ; sleep 30 ; done
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