You can use the following apps to stream to an RTMP endpoint

  • Larix Broadcaster
  • Streamlabs: Stream Live

App Store Download

Allow cam/mic access after you started the app.
Click on the marked icon to go to the settings

Click “Connections”, then click on “+”
Enter RTMP details, click “Save”

Go back to “Settings”, click on “Capture and encoding”
Click on “Video”, “Resolution”
Change it to 1920×1080
Switch back to the app

Press the red button to start streaming

App Store Download

After you start the app, select “Other platform”

Then enter the RTMP host details and click “Save”

Allow access to cam/mic

Deselect the 3 selected options and click “Next”

Click on “Get started”

You now see the main screen. Press the Button on the bottom marked with “I” to disable the chat. With button labelled “II” you can switch between Front/Back cameras. Now click on the Burger menu labelled “III”

On the next screen click on “Settings”

In the settings click on “Broadcast”

Change resolution to 1080p

Close the settings window. To start streaming to the configured endpoint, click on the red button at the bottom.

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