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C3 Ticket Tracker

The C3 Ticket Tracker is the central managing component in our postprocessing pipeline, releasing the final recordings. The tracker is a PHP web application and distributes tasks in form of 'tickets' to various workers. The workers – written in Perl, Python, or PHP – advance the state and update the ticket's properties via tracker's XML RPC API. The core system was initially written by FeM for 27C3 in 2010, and was released under the Apache License 2.0 end of 2017. Our instance is deployed at

source code:

Further resources:

The C3 Ticket Tracker ermöglich die (teil-)automatisierten Aufzeichnung, Schnitt & Release von mehrsprachigen Videos. Um ein Release erfolgreich abzuschließen, müssen bestimmte Projekt-Einstellungen konfiguriert werden und einige wenige Status-Übergänge bedient von Hand bedient werden:

One of the really good features of the C3 tracker is that property are inherited through the hierarchy:

  • Project settings (Conference or Series)
    • Meta ticket (Parent with Fahrplan-ID & -Metadata)
      • Recording ticket (Language, etc)
        1. Master encoding ticket (MP4)
        2. additional encoding tickets, e.g. WebM, MP3, Opus, SD formats, etc.


see checking

Ticket types and states

  • Parent tickets for each Fahrplan entry
  • one recording ticket for each parent
  • several encoding tickets, one for each format – e.g. MP4 HD, MP4 SD, WebM, MP3, Opus
  • Create tracker project (you can also clone a matching project to have prefilled properties)
  • Import schedule.xml
  • Set all master tickets from staging to staged via mass-edit
  • Adjust project properties, recommendations: (full reference at the bottom of the page)
  • Compare project properties with previous instalment of the same event

see Project setup for more details

User accounts can have different roles depending on what the user should be able to do:

  • „User“ - can cut and edit tickets
  • „Restricted“ - can only use already defined actions and can't define new actions
  • „Superuser“ - can edit profiles and (re)import fahrplan
  • „Admin“

more details on

Files that should be handled by the tracker (input files) should be named as follows:


Files need to be placed in directories according to the room name

Note: Note that names are stripped from frab and combined with the word „saal“ which means i.e. „startrampe 23“ results in „saal23“. THIS WILL BE FIXED IN THE FUTURE.

Naming for intro and outro:

  • Intro <frab-id>.dv
  • Outro: outro.dv

The cutting process requires start and end marks. The tracker accepts frame numbers. If your player does not show frame numbers you can approximate with the formula

seconds * 25

assumed you have 25 frames per second. Note that this means you cut per second not per frame !!!

see scripts

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