We collected here our sub-projects and feature we want to have implemented. If a project has no owner feel free to take it. If it has an owner please contact him before you start to work on it.

If you 'only' want to request a feature please think about instead opening an issue on the project github page on https://github.com/voc.

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Project Name Project DescriptionGit URLProject status
relay registerhttps://github.com/voc/relay_register
lecternboxA box with everything we need at the lecternidea
Intro-Outro-GeneratorA simple generator for recording introshttps://github.com/voc/intro-outro-generator.gitrunning
Audio-PisAudio streaming pirunning
DASH everywhereBring DASH to the massesrunning
vocbianDebian mirror with updated/patched packages
lingoboxDie Lingobox ist eine Open-Source-Hardware-Dolmetschereinheit.https://github.com/SimpelMe/lingoboxplanning
VoctoImportDjango Tool um einfach Videos in den Tracker zu bekommen, ohne XML zu bearbeiten oder irgendwo extern Dateien bereitstellen zu müssen
CCC Video Archive ProjektEncoden und rippen der alten congress talksrunning
FreqBuddyGet the best 8 interference-free frequencies (UHF) within a TV channel.https://github.com/SimpelMe/freqbuddy
ISDNInternet Streaming Digital Nodehttps://github.com/voc/voctomix/tree/isdnsleeping?
wink: (W)o (i)st mei(n)e Winke(k)atze?Inventarisierung VOC-Hardwarehttps://github.com/voc/wink
kevinKiller Experimental Video Internet Noise, KEVINhttps://github.com/voc/kevin/
rtmp-authRTMP auth frontend for nginxhttps://github.com/voc/rtmp-auth
srtrelayRelay server for Haivision SRT protocolhttps://github.com/voc/srtrelay
Case 2.0Rework of the Lecture Room Caseshttps://pad.c3voc.de/MOmd3mvsRbi8y8IdJl1xYA
c3lingo unitSpecialized audio console for our c3lingo translatorshttps://github.com/c3lingo/c3lingo-interpreter-unit
Stream-Observer (strobs)Stream-Observer (strobs) is a tool to observe running voc video streams.https://github.com/SimpelMe/stream-observerrunning
tallycomThis is a tallylight and intercom solution designed to be used with voctomixhttps://github.com/voc/voctomix/tree/voctopanel/example-scripts/voctolight
fuse-tsThis tool provides a FUSE based filesystems that enables you to virtually concatenate a sequence of files.https://github.com/a-tze/fuse-tsin production
repcoframework for the exchange of community media and metadatahttps://github.com/openaudiosearch/repco-specs
vocpackminimal mobile recording setupPoC
invoice-generatorpython based invoice generatorhttp://git@git.c3voc.de:invoice-generator
Streaming websitewebsite to playout the video streamshttps://github.com/voc/streaming-websitein production
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