Killer Experimental Video Internet Noise, KEVIN
  • Webcam share + Audio
  • Screen share
  • “Fullscreen” view in 360/720/1080p for OBS
  • Group chat
  • Local recording
  • General layout
  • Stabilize current feature set
  • Implement new features, like a Group chat admin
  • Server recording

While we are quite happy with the feature set of OBS.Ninja (see there is are some issues why we don't want to use it in the current state. See

While we are still hoping for a FOSS version of, derchris started an alternative implementation.

We keep on providing stun / turn server. (

So there are currently four options on the table for rC3:

  • use KEVIN or even help to improve it.
  • Help to reimplement the server part of ninja and the webrtc.js. There is channel on rocket chat to coordinate the efforts.
  • Host a obs ninja instance your self and change the stun/turn server to user ours (to not relay on the servers by the author)
  • Use the official ninja instance.

In the case you use ninja at is current state make sure to inform your speakers about the potential privacy issues.

those are collected in the github issue tracker. Feel free to add or implement some

  • Possibility for guests in a room to mark them selves as ready to record. Then the director of a room can start the local recording on all speakers pc's. When the recording is finished, all (high quality) recordings are uploaded to the server, leaving a backup as download on the speakers computer. Now an remote mixing angel can work with the high quality files.
    • (useful only for PreProd in case of further remote only events)
    • also, check for privacy concerns and if it is possible at all, thats why its under the title crazy Ideas.
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