Case 2.0

Case 2.0
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Rework of the Lecture Room Cases
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The c3voc currently has six lecture room cases which contain everything that's needed to stream and record lectures in some kind of venue. The venue only has to provide a projector and some kind of PA/ speakers as well as power and internet access.

Because the requirements on the necessary hardware have changed since the cases were originally designed, it's not just one road case any more, but has an audio road case as well as a box of cables on top. This set of multiple boxes creates issues with shipping.

Another pain point of the current setup is, that we carry a vast amount of items (about 240) to be prepared of basically any lecture room setup, which we have seen in the past years. But most of the time, the same hardware is connected in the same way, e.g. at the lectern to have slides or the infobeamer on the hall projector.

So the idea is to put the hardware, which is connected the same way basically every time, in their own modules instead of re-connecting the same cables every time. This would also reduce the time to pack and check everything after the event and might reduce the amount of lost or broken items.

Original Ideas, see

Cabling Plan

Howto "VOC-Verantwortlicher" has a cabling plan for the recommended setup. This needs to be extended to incorporate new ideas like using a proper device for the VPN at the hall as well as the upcoming tally lights, which are powered by PoE.


Options/ Variants:

  • Use a 4x XLR via CAT 7 cable for the audio between lectern box and audio mixer
  • Replace the DI box at the lectern by connecting the speaker laptop to the ATEM Mini. The we need an SDI audio de-embedded to get the HDMI or audio jack track to the audio mixing console
    • Reduces the XLR runs to 2x XLR to the PA
    • Would need additional XLR cables, if the encoder is placed at the front
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