c3lingo unit

c3lingo unit
Specialized audio console for our c3lingo translators
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The interpreters/ translators need a quite special audio console to do their job which are quite expensive to rent or buy. So I started to design a fully analog audio mixer for this special purpose, which will probably be <300 € per unit in parts.

See the git-repo's readme for a detailed description and the set of requirements.

Note: Simple also started to assemble the requirements and drew some plans (see for an ideal solution, but hasn't gotten to design schematics yet. So we might want to merge the documentation into a single project repo in the future.

First prototype is working and should be useable. 48 V phantom power from the single power supply is still WIP. Another headphone amp IC might give less noise, but the current static noise level is also not so bad, that you couldn't work with it. And a case design is still needed.

Otherwise see the readme and issues in the git repo for the current state.

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