Property Name Example Value Comment
Meta.Album Easterhegg 2015 will be placed in encoded files metadata
Meta.License Licensed to the public under http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/de will be placed in encoded files metadata
Meta.Year 2015 will be placed in encoded files metadata
Capture.FPS 30
Processing.Auphonic.Enable yes use Auphonic for this project?
Processing.Auphonic.Preset BNz7qqLTumDNDh3qjo2S95 GUID of auphonic preset, please check!
Processing.Auphonic.Token <token> OAuth 2.0 bearer token of Auphonic (generate manually)
Processing.Auphonic.SpeedLimit 2000 upload limit for Auphonic uploads in kBytes/s
Processing.Auphonic.ReuseProduction yes reuse the already produced audio file from authonic when reencoding the video (length needs to match)
Processing.Loudnorm.Enable yes Enable loudness normalization filter of FFmpeg. Only works on Debian Stretch (FFmpeg > 3.x) and if Auphonic is disabled!
Processing.File.Intro /video/eh15/intros/1234.ts Intro file location determined automatically, this is set by script C
Processing.File.Outro /video/eh15/intros/outro.ts Outro file location determined automatically, this is set by script C
Processing.BasePath /video/ Define a base path where all other subdirectories are “guessed” by convention. Note this does NOT include the Intro(s) and Outro(s) property, as it is considered an error if those files are missing, therefore it can not be guessed.
Processing.Path.Capture /video/CRS/pieces/Saal/ where are the pieces from the capture process?
Processing.Path.Exmljob Remove this property when you see it!
Processing.Path.Intros /video/eh15/intros/ where are the intro files?
Processing.Intro.Duration 5.4 Duration of the Intro(s) in seconds, this value is used to trim the audio-only files, so that they do not start with several seconds of silence. This value is now set automatically by a worker script!
Processing.Intro.DurationNonAlpha 14.4 If using alpha intros, set the duration of the opaque part of the intro. This is the duration in seconds from the beginning of the intro that is NOT blended over the main content. This is for the video as well as the audio tracks.
Processing.Outro.DurationAlpha 3.88 If using alpha outros, set the duration of the alpha part at the beginning of the outro. For this duration in seconds, the end of the main content (up to the cutout point) is overlayed with the outro video and audio track(s).
Processing.Path.Output /video/eh15/encoded/ where shall the finished encodings show up? NOTE: this is also the directory where master encodings are taken from by the slave profiles, e.g. MP3 audio-only
Processing.Path.Outro /video/eh15/intros/outro.ts where is the outro file? (if directory, a file named <frab-id>.{dv,ts} is searched first)
Processing.Path.Raw /video/fuse/ where are the fuse mounts for cutting created?
Processing.Path.Repair /video/eh15/repair/ where to look for manually repaired files? (pretty unimportant for regular operation)
Processing.Path.Tmp /video/eh15/tmp where is a writable tmp-dir (shared among all encoders!)?
Processing.Video.AspectRatio 16:9 Usually not needed, HD only exists in 16:9 anyway.
Project.Slug eh15 this property already exists in every project, it is only neccessary as an explicit property e.g. if two projects with same slug shall exist
Publishing Parameters for script-H publishing
Publishing.Base.Url http://live.ber.c3voc.de/releases/eh15/ where does media pull the release files from?
Publishing.Url.Secret 436B4233DB874E1E1C93510892E3D secret string used for generation of secure links (need to be set in the nginx config, too)
Publishing.Url.Lifetime 3600 controls how log the generatet links are valid (in seconds since the last page reload)
Publishing.Voctoweb.Enable yes wether files should be released on voctoweb (this is ANDed with Publishing.Voctoweb.EnableProfile from encoding profiles)
Publishing.Voctoweb.Url http://media.ccc.de/browse/conferences/eh2015/ where does the conference show up on voctoweb?
Publishing.Voctoweb.Tags foo, bar, baz tags that only appear on voctoweb
Publishing.Path /srv/releases/eh15/ where in the filesystem of the release machine are the release files?
Publishing.Tags foo, bar, baz tags that will be used for all publishing targets
Publishing.UploadOptions -i /video/upload-key extra options for the postprocessing scp script. Warning: they are intentionally not quoted before integrating them into the cmdline!
Publishing.Upload.SkipSlaves speedy,tweety Comma-separated list of hostnames that share storage with publishing server. If this property is set, the upload script will not process any slave tickets on the given hosts but just set them to done. This is required if master encoding is done on event and slave encoding on other machines that share the storage with the releasing worker.
Publishing.UploadTarget voc@live.ber.c3voc.de:/srv/releases/eh15/ target for postprocessing scp script
Publishing.YouTube.Enable yes wether master files should be released on youtube or not (this is ANDed with Publishing.YouTube.EnableProfile from encoding profiles)
Publishing.YouTube.Privacy public, private or unlisted see Youtube
Publishing.YouTube.Tags eh15,easterhegg,ccc,easterhegg2015,don't kehr,Braunschweig
Publishing.YouTube.Token <token>
Publishing.YouTube.TitlePrefixSpeakers yes when this is set, prepend up to x people to title, where x is defined by the integer
Fahrplan.Abstract The combination of the ongoing technological revolution, globalisation and what are more
Fahrplan.Date 2018-12-27
Fahrplan.DateTime 2018-12-27T11:30:00+0100
Fahrplan.Day 1
Fahrplan.Duration 01:00
Fahrplan.GUID 9dde571b-4d49-4b44-8329-42e354bcc24b
Fahrplan.ID 10021
Fahrplan.Language en
Fahrplan.Person_list Guy Standing
Fahrplan.Persons Guy Standing
Fahrplan.Recording.Optout 0
Fahrplan.Room Adams
Fahrplan.Slug 35c3-10021-theprecariatadisruptiveclassfordisruptive_times
Fahrplan.Start 11:30
Fahrplan.Subtitle Why and How the Precariat will define the Global Transformation to save our planet.
Fahrplan.Title The Precariat: A Disruptive Class for Disruptive Times.
Fahrplan.Track Ethics, Society & Politics
Fahrplan.Type lecture
Fahrplan.URL https://fahrplan.events.ccc.de/congress/2018/Fahrplan/events/10021.html
Recording Include slides as a second video track in the master and h264 encodings
Recording.Slides yes
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