Flight Cases

This page aims to provide an overview on our flight cases. For details on the content of the cases follow the links below or the Hardware namespace startpage.

Currently we have four cases of generation 1 and two of generation 2. They should include everything needed in the lecture rooms. Each part is either labeled or color coded with a cable tie. The current state and constant differences are listed at Hardware status.

- Room 1: Green - Room 2: Yellow - Room 3: Blue - Room 4: Red - Room 5: Black - Room 6: White

A single first generation case is (incl. wheels) 102cm wide, 72cm high and has a depth of 54cm. Height without wheels is 57cm. It weighs approximately 60-65kg. Together with an Audio-Case and an Auer-Box (often shipped together) the weight is ~100-140kg)


Content list of the room cases with more photos


A single second generation case is (incl. wheels) 104cm wide, 72cm high and has a depth of 54cm.

Height without wheels is 59cm. It weighs approximately TODO

Spare parts

  • Wheels: 100mm caster worked well and should be replaced in pairs (eg. Millenium Blue Wheel MkII)

Content of the audio case

LxBxH: 55 x 55 x 40 cm

LxBxH: 60x40x20 cm (Auer-Box)


  • 3x Meshbag Blackmagic Fibre, each containing 2 each Netzteil BM, BM Converter, SDI BNC Module.
  • Various Fibres

LxBxH: 60x40x32 cm (Auer-Box)

Contains various items to build a voc office:

  • Ethernet Switch
  • Ethernet Cables
  • Schuko Cables and extensions
  • Various kinds of tape
  • Phone

See wink for details.

hacc video streaming rack, loosely modeled after standard voc case.

LxBxH: 83x55x90 cm

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