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The Audio case is our setup for conference locations without a suitable audio system / PA. It consists of a carryable 4HE or 6HE case consisting of:





The case is 4HE height. The uppermost HE is supplied with hinges, which can fold upwards to easy access to the QSC Touchmix which is mounted on them. On the far end of the hinges a power distribution bar is mounted which serves as a handle to lift the hinges. The 2nd HE contains two of the three Sennheiser XSw receivers, mounted with a bracket and connected to the power distribution and the QSC mixer with right-angled XLR plugs. In the default setup, the two mounted receivers are coupled with the bodypack transmitter and one of the handheld transmitters. The lower two HEs are filled with a padded drawer. The foam inside it has place for two handheld transmitters, a bodypack transmitter, a third XSw receiver, a third XLR cable, a spare set of batteries, a lavalier and a headset microphone.

A single case is 55cm wide, 30,5cm high and has a depth of 56cm. It weighs approximately 20-25kg.

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