Cutter live image

The cutter image is bootbale from USB sticks and SD-cards. Its based on debian 7 and includes kdenlive and glusterfs which are used to set the cutting marks in the first step of post processing.

Username: "user"
Passwort: "live"

The image requires at least a 4GB storage device. The image includes tha parition table and MBR so that is can be written (e.g. with dd) to the blockdevices. md5sum 7b8af53f3cffc76bb5698db9d7f43ea9 Videoanleitung

Create a virtual box harddrive

VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename c3voc-cutter-usb.vmdk -rawdisk c3voc-cutter-usb.img

Create a new Virtual Maschine and use the vmdk file as harddisk

After booting the image you have to set the local IP address and mount the fuse volumes from the encoders.

Its important to use the same hostname for mounting as the fuse mount was created on the server. If you use the IP address on the server, you have to use the same IP on the client. You can also set custom names via the /etc/hosts files.

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