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`GUID` `complete` `media_language` `srt_language` `last_changed_on_amara` `revision` `url` `touched` `amara_key` `amara_language` `state` `amara_subtitle_url`
db11e86c-ecf8-40c0-b8d8-2f6798507146 False eng en 1-01-01T00:00:00Z 1 2021-01-03T12:30:45Z P4gHpqpuJJIA en 7
221560a2-7470-4e90-9190-99a2bef53238 False deu de 1-01-01T00:00:00Z 1 2021-01-06T10:37:48Z dSkmesksKqIe de 2
6beabddc-2dd6-43d2-9936-618d41d42cde True deu de 1-01-01T00:00:00Z 5 2021-01-01T23:14:02Z vsf2PBryeqW9 de 8
7bdf7688-8620-4170-93bf-3c2adfd30030 False deu de 1-01-01T00:00:00Z 1 2020-12-30T10:58:21Z NWHl9bK0MXF8 de 2
52ce1398-fa9b-4bd3-aa9e-6a49a764ac2c True deu de 1-01-01T00:00:00Z 7 2021-01-04T22:17:06Z 3mDTDpROSDxZ de 8
1cff41a8-455e-42a6-ab08-d6cb166e7d3b False deu de 1-01-01T00:00:00Z 1 2021-01-04T22:12:21Z gAbEiRm8Mocc de 2

To download the raw (draft) subtitles from Amara, append use `{amara_key}/languages/{amara_lanuage}/subtitles/?format=vtt` (compare


For voctoweb ( only states 7, 8 and 12 are relevant. Subtitle files in all other states should be ignored.

ID voctoweb c3subtitles additional information
1 Nothing available yet irrelevant should not exist
2 todo Transcribed until should exist
3 Transcript finished might exist - still no timestamps
4 Please do not touch, work in progress Autotiming in process no timestamps
5 Synced until rare case of syncing by hand
6 Syncing finished with timestamps, usable as draft
7 draft Quality control done until with timestamps, usable as draft
8 complete Job completed finished, obviously with timestamps and usable
9 Unknown should not exist
11 todo Translated until translation, not usable as draft
12 translated Translation is finished finished, obviously with timestamps and usable
Achtung: Der Rest dieser Seite wird ggf. nicht mehr aktiv gepflegt. Das Team hat inzwischen eigene Infrastruktur:

Better and more barrierfree access to the live talks and streams and to the videos afterwards via subtitles. Especially for non-natives of the spoken languages and for deaf and hard of hearing listeners.

Nice side effect: finished subtitles are pretty easy to translate in any other language, also provides a very easy usable interface for that purpose.

  • If you visit the congress and are a user of a speech recognition software, please contact us! Also if you are a computer stenography writer or a good touch typist.
  • If you are interested in what we are working on behind the scenes, just contact us!
  • Help us creating the subtitles via - you do not even have to visit the congress to do that! Everybody from at home can do that!
  • Devoloping software for a user interface to choose which subtitle you want to work on depending on your favorite task
  • Developing software for subtitles via computer stenography or speech recognition, visible live in the talk via webstream and later as start for the precise version to work on in
  • Developing a phonetic german steno keyboard layout
  • Building a steno keyboard
  • Using an old mechanical stenographer with a micro controller to detect the pressed keys as steno input


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