(cdn.) a collection of servers hosting our recordings. It was also the name of the software we run there which is now called Voctweb, don't get confused. It's currently running at with five servers, as well as a couple of sponsored mirrors run by third-parties.

There are also a number of Mirrors provided by external entities.

The source code can be found on:

Just for reference, here are the old sources before the merge of front and backend

More about it's inner works are explained in the Froscon9 talk "Konferenzorganisation in Ruby" by Mario Manno.

  • here we collect things that need to be fixed in concern of the content (_NOT_ the software)
  • Software issues are trackt in the github issue tracker
  • upload-frontend: (not jet implemented) external frontend for enduser uploads
  • media-backend: active admin interface to manage conferences, events, recordings and news
  • media-frontend:

Goaccess Stats

Mirror statistics

Mirror contacts

see restricted page: mirror contacts

IP Logging

(Stand: 21.05.2018 meise)

    • nginx: /16 Prefixe
    • rsync: /32
    • vsftp: /32
    • mirrorbits: nix
    • nginx:
      • access: /16 Prefixe
      • error: /32
    • rails app via puma: /32
    • nginx: /32 (teilweise /16)
    • rsync: /32 via syslog
# for ubuntu and debian one might want to install vagrant from upstream
# (, because of a packaging bug:
$ sudo apt-get install vagrant virtualbox

$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostsupdater
$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh -c 'cd /vagrant && ./bin/update-data'

http://media.ccc.vm:3000/ <- Frontend
http://media.ccc.vm:3000/admin/ <- Backend
  Password: media123

Wenn auf ein Event gesubtitelt wird, kann dafür Support in Media angeknipst werden. Dadurch werden auf der Download-Seite weitere Links zum Subtitling-System aktiviert mit der Bitte beim Schreiben zu helfen.

Dazu im Media-Backend das Metadata-Feld, welches JSON akzeptiert, wie folgt füllen:

  "subtiles": true

See for instructions

bundle exec cap staging $*

wird auf einer eigenen Seite Produktiv-Deployment beschrieben.

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