CCCamp15 - Public Radio

At the cccamp15 the c3voc will provide a Free Audio-Streaming-Infrastructure for everybody who wants to transmit music, sound or noise to into the world wide webs. Those streams will appear side-by-side with the main Video- and Audio-Streams at If you intend to publish one or more such streams, please fill in the form at so that we can prepare a login for you. You can use any computer that can produce an icecast2 stream, like one of the applications listed on

The c3voc uses raspberry-pis with an usb soundcard to do the streaming for for the main party locations. We run an archlinux on out pis with an ffmpeg streaming service.

You can download a basic Image to `dd` onto an SD-Card for The RaspberryPi and the BeagleBoneBlack, but please be aware that we offer absolutely no support for it. They'll take an IP via DHCP and announce their existance via Avahi and LLDP. The Login for them is root/root.

Inside the images, the following command is running in a systemd-Unit:

Description=ffmpeg Icecast-Stream

ExecStart=/usr/bin/ffmpeg -f alsa -i hw:1 -c:a opus -b:a 128k -content_type audio/ogg icecast://

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