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Vortrag: Slide To Unlock -- or Provide Your Facebook Pictures?

A Critical Analysis of Biometric Authentication Mechanisms


In this talk we present a critical analysis of the four most appropriate candidates of biometric authentication mechanisms on mobile devices: fingerprint, face, voice and iris recognition. The results of our analysis show that there is still no compromise between usability and safety, because especially on mobile devices the unlock mechanism has to be quick and easy and this fact affects the overall security of the authentication mechanism. Using precise cameras and good microphones in mobile devices it is possible to use biometric authentication mechanisms like face, iris or voice recognition, but these methods are still in an immature phase and they suffer from different vulnerabilities which will be described in our presentation. The main reason of this problem is the lack of liveness detection which is crucial for all biometric authentication methods. We show that pictures retrieved from social media are enough to bypass the current biometric recognition mechanisms, even the approaches including built-in liveness detection on android phones.

Introduction (5')
Basics of Biometric Authentication (10')
Mobile Authentication Approaches (10')
Description of discovered/intrinsic Weaknesses (10')
Introduction of an Evaluation Library (10')
Q&A (5')

What will attendees gain from the presentation?
* Thorough understanding of biometric authentication mechanisms
* Connected pitfalls and intrinsic vulnerabilities
* Introduction to tools to properly assess biometric authentication mechanisms on mobile devices


Tag: 06.09.2013
Anfang: 19:23 Uhr
Dauer: 00:50
Room: Gate 104
Track: Web und IT-Security
Sprache: de



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